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Lower Your Numbers

Get a Bluetooth meter, all the test strips you need, and a personal diabetes coach to help you reach your goals.

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What do I get?

Lower Your Numbers

Get a Bluetooth meter, all the test strips you need, and a personal diabetes coach to help you reach your goals.

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What do I get?

Chrome Bundle
  • Lower A1C in just 2 months
  • Cleared by FDA & Health Canada
  • Strips delivered to your door
  • Personalized coaching
  • Available on Android & iOS
  • No insurance or Rx's required
  • No commitment — cancel anytime

How does it work?

  1. Get Your Starter Kit

    Bluetooth blood glucose meter, lancing device, carry case, 25 test strips, and 10 lancets.

  2. Pick Your Plan

    Based on how often you check your blood sugar, pick the plan that's right for you.

  3. Lower Your Numbers

    Contact your coach to start lowering your blood sugar and A1C right away!

What do I get?

Starter Kit

Everything you need to check your blood sugar:

  • One Drop | Chrome Bluetooth Glucometer
  • Lancing Device
  • 25 Test Strips
  • 10 Lancets
  • Carry Case

The accuracy of One Drop | Chrome has been confirmed in both clinical and laboratory settings:

  • 99% of blood glucose measurements within 20% of lab results
  • 95% of blood glucose measurements within 15% of lab results

Personalized Diabetes Coaching


Personalized Diabetes Coaching

Get everything you need right on your mobile phone. No insurance, prescriptions, or appointments necessary.

  • One-on-one coaching from a live CDE
  • Unlimited messages (reach out anytime!)
  • On-demand advice and support
  • Curated educational content
  • Personalized insights

Test Strips


Test Strips

Get all the strips you need delivered direct to your door. No prescriptions, no insurance, no appointments, and no hassles.

50 test strips per month
$19.95 / month

100 test strips per month
$29.95 / month

Unlimited test strips
$44.95 / month
+ free shipping!

Clinical Results

1.0% reduction in A1C
One Drop | Mobile app users reduced A1C by 1.0 percentage point in as little as 2 months.
Dachis J, Osborn CY, Rodbard D, Huddleston B. One Drop app users report improved glycemic control. Annals of Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting Supplement issue, in press.
Average Blood Glucose
185 arrow 158 mg/dL
In just 4 weeks, One Drop | Mobile app users enrolled in One Drop | Experts reduced average blood glucose from 185 mg/dL to 158 mg/dL
Osborn CY, Heyman M, Dachis J. The One Drop mobile app and Experts program is evidence based and improves blood glucose. 2017 Annals of Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting, 51 (Suppl 1), S1-S2867.

Featured In

Tech Crunch
Washington Post
Yahoo Finance
Fast Company

Get one. Give ten.

For every subscription purchased, One Drop donates 10 coaching subscriptions to people in need.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

One Great Meter and App

Bought the One Drop because the test strips cost be less with no insurance that what my co-pay is with my other test strips. So far it has worked great and the readings are the same as my other glucose meters. Really love the iOS app that you can download for free. It lets you not only enter your meter readings automatically but you can enter your medications and the food that you eat. You can search and look up your food so you know how much carbs you are eating. It has allowed me to more closely manage my diabetes.

Best Glucose Monitoring set I have used.

Was delivered in the One Drop Chrome package. Really like how simple and easy this is to use. It is as stylish as a medical device could be. A little disappointed in the overall feel and weight. While the chrome finish gives one the idea of metal and heft, it is just lightweight plastic. App works well and enjoy using. In fact I have used it daily which was something I struggled with in the past. One other concern is the test strip bottle doesn\'t fit snuggly in the case and slides out very easily.

Love the Look and quality - Accurate readings

I ordered this for my son who is a T1D - He loves it! I gave it 4 stars because it was a bit difficult to get the meter to sync with his phone. Keep in mind he is 17 so this shouldn\'t have been a problem. It holds 4 stars because it really does work well and it keeps everything in one place. It\'s also stylish. I\'ve noticed an increase in how many times a day he checks his BG levels. OH and strips are super affordable and we don\'t feel at mercy to an insurance company!

Simple Design, Amazing Device and iPhone App

The design and simplicity of this testing device are simply amazing. It pairs nicely with the iPhone app allowing me to easily track my glucose levels throughout the day along with my exercise and diet.

Best Glucose Meter By Far

My favorite glucose monitor by far. Have been using for 3+ months. Super super accurate. Definitely not another embarrassing big brick that brings in negative attention. All strangers' questions about the One Drop Chrome are about how nice it looks. Battery life has been excellent, and they look easy to replace. Strips are $40/mo instead of the Verios I was using which were $600/mo. Customer service is amazing. The CEO even reaches out to make sure you're ok if there are any concerns. Wonderful device, wonderful accompanying software, wonderful company. Wouldn't consider buying a different meter (unless there was a One Drop Rose Gold).

One Drop works great

Easy to use. Accurate. I like the all-you-can-use strips. Bluetooth connects and works seemlessly. The case could be better designed. Also, I feel good to use what seems to be the defacto standard Glucose Monitor of the future. Better than Dexcom and the others. And the cool thing is that it works very well with my Afrezza inhalable insulin, which has been driving my A1C down very nicely and it's a whole lot more convenient and nicer to use than needles.

Best Meter Ever. Cost of subscription for the strips is less than my out of pocket insurance costs.

I have been using the One Drop since December, 2016 and it is the easiest and most accurate meter I have ever had. I tested it by doing a test right before a blood draw at my doctor's office and the meter read the same as the final lab test. I repeated this 3 months later with the same result. I love the convenience of the strips being delivered (with the subscription service) without having to fight with the pharmacy or my insurance. I test at least 6 times a day depending on how I feel and the freedom to do so is wonderful. The cost of the subscription service of the strips is about one month of my co-pay and out of pocket would cost since my insurance limited me to 50 strips a month. I am purchasing a second meter to have with me at all times. Best decision I ever made was to switch to the One Drop.

Finally a BG monitor I WANT to use!

I was super excited to finally receive my One Drop Chrome .. I was NOT disappointed! Unlike my One Touch, this BG monitor is sleek and beautiful. I'm quickly going through the first 100 test strips because this meter makes testing easy. Will absolutely sign up for an unlimited test strip subscription plan! Two thumbs up and a huge thank you to One Drop!

Highly Recommend!

Love it! Unlike the other reviewers, I had no problems setting it up - just followed the instructions on the setup website. The app is really sleek & I love being able to get strips on-demand without dealing with insurance. With Bluetooth syncing, I can see all my readings on my phone and track my progress. You can also use the app to count carbs and get reminders to take your medications. It even tracks your steps! Overall, the system has been really great for me, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a convenient, affordable way to manage their diabetes.

Excellent product once you figure out how to use it

Despite very difficult setup procedures, and an app that was clearly designed for iPhone only and was not properly adapted to Android, this is an excellent product. It is very well made and accurate. The other connected glucometer sold on Amazon is also well made, but completely inaccurate and therefore useless. This is one you can count on - once you figure out how to use it, which is not very easy. The lancing pen and case are great - but there is no place for lancets. This is the best connected glucometer I\'ve seen, and the only usable one in my opinion. I threw the other one away and kept only the nice case, since the case of this one is also useless.