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- 27 mg/dL

People with diabetes using One Drop | Experts coaching reduced average blood glucose by 27 mg/dL (eA1c = -1.00%) in just 1 month.

Osborn CY, van Ginkel JR, Rodbard D, et al. One Drop | Mobile: An evaluation of hemoglobin A1c improvement linked to app engagement. JMIR Diabetes. 2017;2(2):e21.

- 1.3% A1c

People with diabetes using One Drop | Experts coaching improved A1c by up to 1.32% in just 3 months.

Kumar S, Moseson H, Uppal J, Osborn CY, Heyman M, Juusola J. Impact of a diabetes mobile app with in-app coaching on glycemic control (63LB). American Diabetes Association’s 77th Scientific Sessions. 2017; San Diego, CA.

Why work with an expert?

Set goals and reach them with on-demand advice and support. Your Expert is there for you—anytime, anywhere. Our clinical data shows that working with a One Drop | Expert is associated with the greatest improvement in A1c.

Customer Reviews

It has been helpful to have one on one encouragement. I really don't have anyone close that understands the daily struggle of trying to balance meds, food and activity and stay within a boundary of numbers. But the greatest thing is One Drop. Since I started using it last March my A1C dropped from 8.0% to yesterday's lab test of 6.7%. The lowest I have been since diagnosed almost 15 years ago. It's easy to take with me on the go and it's accurate. – L.U. (10/7/17)
I have some excellent news to share. I just did my A1C yesterday and I'm down 2.3%. From 7.7 on May 13 to 5.4. I joined One Drop on May 27th. I know for a fact that using the App has changed my life. My doctor said I can stop taking the one med I was taking. Could you get a word to Jeff thank him for me for developing this app. I'm so happy!!!!! – L.B. (9/10/17)
Diabetes is so much less stressful with One Drop! Thank you!!! It doesn't have to be a guessing game with my BG levels and I can know in seconds what I'm feeling = BG. I used to get SO stressed using limited, prescription, expensive strips. One Drop is amazing! One Drop gives me more numbers (more BG data) but it is less stressful because I get to see the big picture instead of each number. – K.E. (10/17/17)

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